Sunday, 18 August 2013

Stone tool & Preseved leather

 1 This preserved leather was found by myself at a location on the banks of the river Leven, on the boarder of Cleveland and North Yorkshire.

 2 - It has the same appearance and needle marks as previous preserved material I have found, in all of the deep beck valleys of south west Cleveland.  HISTORY OF A BECK: Preserved leather

 3 - As ive stated before I have no idea of the age of these pieces of preserved leather, but i am sure all are hand made and had ornamental stitching attached.

 4 - Note the polished finish on the leather.

 5 - This slate has been shaped and had a hole bored into it, again I have no idea of its age, I can only imagine it as some kind of fishing tool ?

 6 - Note the wear marks toward the right as viewed.


 8 - The tool was found close to the leather although this in no way links them i.e. the leather could have travelled far, the stone probably not far.