Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ancient sediments and Stainton gravel beds.

The lower red clay is at least 2 metres thick with no large rock present only sporadic blue clay with Carboniferous trace fossils

Note this is not boulder clay !

The layer of red clay below the gravels is very tightly packed and has the odd large rounded and un rounded  rock lodged at its meeting with the gravel layer containing Jurassic fossils mostly Gryphaea.

The image above shows how what i think is alluvium had shrouded these older layers.

 Outcrops of blue clay containing Carboniferous plant fossils found in the red lower clay.

View showing the rough depth to the surrounding land, but it does rise rapidly after the depth shown!

This pic shows how this bit of bank has actually already lost a lot of the soil and alluvium? that used to shroud the layers ime now exposing.

                    More can be viewed regarding the Stainton gravel beds by clicking the link below
                                                                  The Stainton gravel beds
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Friday, 27 May 2011

New finds Bovine bones size and weights.

Bovine jaw measuring 365mm long 225mm highest weighing 750 grams

Bovine jaw measuring 340mm long 215mm highest weighing 700 grams

Bovine jaw measuring 350mm long 190mm highest weighing 750 grams

This bone i think is bovine and part of the rib cage?

Bovine radius and ulna top measuring380mm long ulna 95mm widest radius top 85mm widest bottom 80mm widest

Bovine radius and ulna measuring 360mm long ulna 90mm widest radius top 85mm widest bottom 75mm widest

Bovine? tibia measuring 340mm long 110mm widest weighing 875 grams
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bovine Femur

Bovine Femur measuring 370mm long 140mm widest weighing 1250 grams

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Old records of early findes

Bovine lumbar vertebrae measuring 270mm wide 140mm high weighing 275 grams

Bovine atlas vertebrae measuring 180mm wide 100 mm high weighing 300 grams

Bovine intact pelvis measuring 540mm by 560mm weighing 3300 grams

Bovine jaw measuring 380mm long 220mm highest weighing 1750 grams

Bovine scapula measuring 430mm long 260mm wide with quite a bit missing weighing 800 grams
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