Friday, 29 March 2013

(Stainsby beck) 29 , 3 ,13 Prehistoric excavation

 1 - excavation site .

 2 The days first find Horse mandible piece .

 3 The last piece excavated was approximately 3 metres into the deposit .

 4 The red outline shows today's area of excavation .


6  - The horse mandible piece below was excavated approximately 200 mm further into the deposit still buried behind the partially excavated bones shown in this image .  

 7 - 12  Young horse mandible piece .


 8 - The erupting teeth show this horse was young .


 10 - Incisors 

 11- This piece was excavated over two metres further into the deposit , from  the ancient Human tibia shaft , shown being excavated in an earlier post .

 13 - This image shows all the pieces excavated today , they include two horse mandible pieces Capra - ovis horn cores - scapula piece - rib piece - metacarpal piece - bovine mandible piece .

 14 - I am not sure whether the groves on this metacarpal are a result of Canis chewing or human use . 

 15 - Again ime not sure that the marks on this scapula piece were caused by chewing . .

 16 - I have now had advice from a well respected professional from the United States , that back my own thoughts up about this piece , i.e.  the marks are too long too parallel and too regular too be chew marks .   I believe this to be a tool of some sort maybe a winding device .   Peter Row of Tees Archaeology has viewed these images and  thinks they could possibly be wear marks caused by some type of twine .

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