Sunday, 23 June 2013

Impact to Equus skull excavated from the old river Tees at Thornaby on Tees Cleveland.


The first image shows the impact damage on the inner side of the skull.
  2 - This image sows the damage i believe must have been caused by a blunt impact.
  3 - It is possible the damage was done by rubbish in the river flow, but i think this is unlikely as there is no other damage to the jaw or skull.
  4 - This looks deliberate and not modern in any way.
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  1. May have been killed because it was sick or may have been used for meat.

  2. Possible Mike it could also just be a hole worn by compact sediment at a weakened part of the skull ime reliably informed, by a friend on the fossil addiction forum. The horse could actually be quite modern as there was a race course close by, but the mineralisation and red colour points to it being washed from an iron rich red deposit below the grey river sediments and clay, making it older than the old river channel.


Please feel free to correct me on any part of my blog, i would also welcome any help that can be offered in correctly identifying some of my fossil finds All the best to all Heath.