Saturday, 15 June 2013

Full mineralised Equus skeleton descovered

I discovered this half buried mineralised carcass today on the banks of the old river Tees in Middlesbrough Cleveland North East England. But only had a poor phone camera so the images aren't great, the animal seems to have died were it is now, I aim to excavate it tomorrow, and will report my findings. 

Well it was a full carcass but not Artiodactyle it is in fact Equus.

I am now in the process of cleaning and preserving the skull and mandible.
The pics below show the piece after a basic clean, this Equus piece shows no signs of use by man either for transport or work.
I have tested for magnetic content and again have found this skull and mandible like a lot of other mineralised bones excavated in the south west of Cleveland attract a magnet, as ive stated before I believe this is because the animals absorbed some form of Magnetite, either when alive or during burial.
Note the round magnet attached to the bone outlined in red.






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