Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Report on visit to teesdale to test the magnetic properties of both the Cleveland Dyke and Great Whinn Sill

The two links above show video's taken boy Roger Curry a good friend who is helping me into both the Magnetic qualities of the Cleveland Dyke and the Stainton newly discovered Gravel beds. The video's are not great but the conditions where very bad at one point we had a visit from a Tornado!

They basically show me and Roger testing both the Cleveland Dyke and the Great Whinn sill at Coldberry (Cleveland Dyke outcrop) and Great Whinn Sill at High force, Teesdale, we tested both with rare earth magnets and lesser powered magnets, our conclusion was this - The outcrop of Cleveland Dyke at Coldberry although magnetic was in no way as magnetic as the Stainton quarry whin stone ( Basaltic andesite)  - The Great whinn sill  at High force again although magnetic showed a far lower magnetic attraction than that of the Whin stone from the Stainton quarry samples tested over the last year.

I have now tested a fifty mile stretch of the Cleveland Dyke from Teesdale to the east coast and have found in all cases that the Stainton Quarry Whinnstone is by far the most magnetic. 

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