Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mesolithic human tibia shaft excavated from the Stainton gravel beds



The tibia shaft shown in images 1 and 2 above i excavated from over two metres into the packed  Stainton gravel beds.
This tibia shaft has today 13,9,12 been identified as an ancient human tibia shaft by anthropologists from a local university.

The tibia's below belonged to a long dead Viking's from the yorvik excavations at york




The Dorman museum in Middlesbrough now the only place i know of that could help, since Middlesbrough council removed all funding to Tees Archaeology, have been contacted and informed both of my discoveries ie the magnetic anomalies of the Stainton Quarry  basaltic andesite, and the Stainton gravel beds and there rich fossil content, dated by Geologists who have visited as probably 12 - 16000ybp as yet ive had no response.
HISTORY OF A BECK: The Stainton gravel beds                                                                                                                                                                             Locations of excavations of the Stainton gravel beds - Google Maps

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