Friday, 17 February 2017

Clevelands Cervus Elephus Red deer antler excavated proberbly the largest in Britain .

This (Cervus Elephus) Red Deer Antler piece is almost certainly the largest  ever discovered in Great Britain . I excavated it as previously stated about 4 years ago at what I strongly believe to be a sacrificial site close to an outcrop of the Cleveland Dyke at Stainsby beck in ancient Cleveland . 

  In fact I believe it is the largest land found red deer antler excavated in the world ? I have repeatedly informed all relevant parties both local and further a field with no response ! ?   It has nine tines and is far thicker than anything found in the British isles and probably matches and is bigger and more robust than the very largest Elk of North America !

This 4000 year old piece found in sediment in Wales , was and is widely reported in news papers and the world wide internet , yet the piece I have is twice the size and more robust , and was excavated amongst Human - Horse - wolf - Bos Longifrons - Dogs - wild boar - Goats - all very close. I.E all within 20 metres  of the outcrop of the Cleveland Dyke !!!  Which is is the very same unexcavated Basalt used at Stone Henge  !
Britains largest prehistoric red deer antler antler excavated in Middlesbrough in ancient Cleveland !

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