Sunday, 4 August 2013

Latest excavated bone from the Fairy dell deposits

 1 - The red squares show the bone discoveries.

 2 - These deposits contain the exact same shell content as at Thornaby on Tees.

 4 - Assemblage from the excavation

 5 - The bones come from at least three animals one looks to have almost certainly been Ovis - Capra ( Sheep or Goat to you & me )

 6 - Articulated Lumber Vertebrae unknown

 7 - Articulated Lumber Vertebrae unknown 

 8 - Pelvis piece unknown

 9 - Scapula Ovis - Capra

 10 Hock joint  unknown

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Please feel free to correct me on any part of my blog, i would also welcome any help that can be offered in correctly identifying some of my fossil finds All the best to all Heath.