Monday, 25 February 2013

Bone found in latest excavation into ancient lake deposit at Thornaby on Tees Cleveland.

  1 As yet unknown Artiodactyle lower jaw and right Maxilla .
  2 I have only seen teeth like this once before , maybe just a juvenile thing ?
  3 The morphology looks bos to me .
  4 Although the teeth in the Maxilla look strange .
  6 - 9  Unknown horn core .
  10 - 12  Human tibia shaft .
  11 Its heavy and at least partially mineralised .
  12 Note the concretion attached to the left , ive found a lot of mineralised animal bones with a similar concretion . 
  13 - The mandible , maxilla , horn core , and Human tibia shaft were excavated from the same square foot of grey clay .
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