Saturday, 12 January 2013

Very large Scapula

 1- 10  The 10 images show a very large scapula .
 2 I believe it is a Bos Premigenius  scapula ( Auroch ).
 10- The state of mineralisation and weight point to this sub fossil being of a considerable age.

There are no signs of attention from Humans, predators , scavengers, or water ware.

11- 14  This scapula looks to be Bos but ime not totally sure, it could be from a large Cervid.



  15 - 18  This very large scapula has the top ridge missing, it was found in the same area as the scapula shown in images 1 - 10 yet is from a slightly smaller Bos but again I believe it to be from Bos Premigenius ( Auroch ) .



 18 Again i must stress there is no evidence of attention from man predators or scavengers on any of these sub fossils.

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