Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New finds Stainsby beck

Images 1 to 3 show a Horse skull piece, this at least the second horse skull from this location


Images 4 to 6 show a Horse Humerus showing no butcher marks or signs of attention from scavengers.

Images 7 shows the rear skull piece from an as yet unknown animal

Images 8 to 10 show a Horse upper tooth

Images 11 to 15 show a Bos Cubonavicular Metapodial worn on one side.

Images 16 to 17 show an as yet unknown pelvis piece.


Images 18 to 20 show a rib piece from an as yet unknown large Mammal.

Again i can find no evidence of attention from Humans predators or scavengers, on the surface of these bones. 

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