Saturday, 5 January 2013

More bone findes 3 Stainsby beck


All of these mineralised bone pieces where found in the same area of Stainsby beck that the two Human Male Femur where found.
 2 Cervidae or Bos Femur Proximal
 3This piece along with all of the others shown in this post had next to no residue attached, nor staining after recent heavy flooding i believe these pieces have been released very recently, and have spent very little time in the beck itself.
 4 The surface of the bone is in excellent condition, and as with most of the pieces i have found and excavated it has its own glossy shine once dried.


Images 10 to 11 below show either a Bos or large Cervid Scapula piece.


Images 10 - 15 show what i believe to be  Humerus from either a young Bos or small and stocky Bovid


Images 16 to 18 could be Metatarsal from a small Cervid but ime in no way sure. 

Images 19 to 26 show what i think is a Bos Radius but am not sure yet and need to check some more, note the condition of this piece its preservation is amazing.







Images 27 to 32 show a Horse Metatarsal with a concretion attached containing a lot of crystals.






And last but not least i found a live one !  boy did i get a surprise when i went to pick this bone up, and it stuck its head out and winked at me !
The little fella is now in the possession of the RSPCA Great Ayton.

More can be viewed regarding this post at the link below.

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