Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ancient pottery new piece Stainsby beck.

 1 - The red coated piece to the top was found by myself about 2 years ago at Stainsby beck, It has been at the bottom of a dirty plant pot since then, but after a little spring clean today, I noticed it seemed to be made of similar  clay as the pottery pieces, I have recently excavated from the Prehistoric lake deposits at Stainsby beck.




 6 - Note the rare earth magnet attached to both pieces.


The new piece shown above with the red coat has the same high magnetic content as the excavated material, I believe this could be diagnostic in tracing the area the clay was taken from to make the pottery.
I have been informed by Peter Row of Tees Archaeology that the twisted piece, is not Prehistoric  like the other pieces, but Medieval 14 -15th Century, but the clay could well have come from the same local deposits. 
 8 - This map shows the area the people who made these objects were from, it must be said that it is only a rough guide, and it is becoming widely believed that the Brigantes were a fragmented people, although they must have been a powerful presence, as they seemed to have had little problems in keeping the tribes to the north at bay !  

Mesolithic tools and carved bones from the Stainton gravel beds.

 1 - I found this worked stone about 3 years ago in Stainton beck, I am certain it was washed from the gravel beds, I believe it was some sort of shaft smoother. 
 8 - If ime honest I can not remember the beck location I found this piece, at first I paid it little attention, thinking it just to be a worn Equus Metatarsal but I now know it to either have been a tool of some sort or a religious or symbolic artifact. The lighter coloured material is actually preserved wood, that has been inserted into the bone.
 11- 14 This piece I found very close to the stone tool in the first images, I found these pieces a long time ago before I had started any excavating, but have never been in any doubt that they were tools of some sort.

 15 - 19 Digging tools





 20 - 22 Carved bone .



 23 - Carved Artefact

 23 - Digging tools found at the Orme bronze age copper mines in Wales.
 24 a - Fire starter ?

 25 a - Worked flint




 26 a -  More worked bone


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